Posted by: artven | August 10, 2008

++++i’m back again2++++

♥i’m so glad to be back again…♥

hello everyone here!

yes, i am back once again…it was just there are some things that are beyond our human capabilities to control..but i wouldn’t say i’m incaplable for everythung that has been long happening to me…it’s just that i need as well t go with the flow to make things at ease and yet all of a sudden you need to break thorugh your silence…

and so here i am once and for all…the best thing in me…

i will soon be crossing yout paths again..and learning every minute of it….and so, i say…I AM BACK!!! please welcome me through your chatbox…!!!



  1. was here too how are you

  2. hi sis! nice to have you ack. hope to see you more often this time 😉


  3. so u have taken a good rest from the blogosphere ….. welcome back to the cyberworld

  4. welcome back venus the international blogger !

  5. hi sis, thanks for the visit, btw, I like your pic here 🙂

  6. hi sis, welcome back! it’s nice to hear you back again!

    btw, thanks for visiting my korean food.

    happy monday!

  7. hi there… how are u

  8. Hi Venus where are you ?

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