Posted by: artven | April 28, 2008

school’s “banyo” queens!!!

this is my life at school…we were tagged as “banyo” queens for the simple reason that me and my friends in school frequently spend time in the school’s comfort room! that always happen just before and after or even in a middle of the class…whaaattt!!! yuh, that’s the most comforting place of a student’s life!

well, even at work i used to visit that most comforting place that not that often like what i used to do in school….work is something that my full attention should be attained for…..

yeah, and we even afford to do pictorials as well! kinda weird huh! but that’s part of a student’s life! that’s how i managed studying with fun…but the real learning is my focus for sure! i don’t want to act like a genius nor a nerd who shows too much of being too studious…i want it to be more relaxed and be judged as how my grades comes out! great!



  1. school is always fun. enjoy it.

  2. hello hopping here checkin u out, hav a lovely day

  3. Passing by and checking your updates. TC

  4. wow so enjoy 🙂

  5. OMG

    Venus is very beautiful 😆

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