Posted by: artven | April 25, 2008


one monday morning when i arrived at the office i need to face the….

GOOD NEWS!!! yeah! we had doubled the quota….!!!

i just can’t belive it!

well, like the usual calls for a celebration…

and it calls for another YELLOW CAB PIZZA!!!

wahahaha!!! great!!! and more incentives as well!!! wahahaha

these are the office-based personnel who were the brain for great

and abundant sales all over the country!!!

yeah! happy faces! and full stomachs!!!

this is what we call determination…hardwork…responsibilty…TEAMWORK…




  1. nice picture 😀 everybody looks happy

  2. Just like another day but this day is most beautiful day… *the pictures said* 😀

    Hi, artven visiting you back, thanks for dropin again and again. Hope you have a nice day ^_^

  3. helo venus thx a lot for stopping by, im happy u enjoy my post, i like ur blog as well.. keep it up…

    enjoy the weekend….
    God Bless

  4. wow very nice photos 🙂 happy faces.
    blog walking, anyway, do u accept x-links? buzz me to let me know.
    my blogs are


    have a great weekend.

  5. its nice to celebrate like tat as i believe that we shld work hard and play hard at the same time.

  6. hey! thanks for the hop! I hope you’ll have fun at work more!

  7. wow pang libre pud.. hehe.. congratulation.. try visit pud ni akong isa pa ka site ven.. hehe thanks.

  8. hey sis..congrats!!! great job!!keep it up

  9. thanks venus! im here too… hope all is well here. tc

  10. passing by here today. 🙂 happy new week.

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