Posted by: artven | April 21, 2008

school’s acquaintance party

this was during our school’s acquaintance party…by the way, i had enrolled for a second course (Computer Science0-Principles of Programming)…well, this was just some sort of additional knowledge regarding new technologies today…yes, let’s never stop learning…i had decided to learn this course since my previous course was a medical realted course (BS Physical Therapy)…so, to fil up enough knowledge starting from the basics od computers up to it’s futuristic technologies..i would indeed love to learn!

together with my best buddieds in school…enjoying to acquaint each other…

with our professor in Database Programming…

these are the people who adds color in my school life!

my betfriend in school….

my close friend in school..we get to get along well because we have the same length of



  1. What fabulously feminine dresses you all are wearing! Friends are a wonderful thing!


    April Braswell

  2. Visiting here, see around.. have a nice day!

  3. it’s really good to have a good buddy 🙂 Take care

  4. Hi Venus…I’m here. Nice to see you.

  5. Hi Venus, thanks for dropping by. I added this blog on my links. Enjoy ur weekend!

  6. I am fine…thanks for visited my site…

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