Posted by: artven | April 15, 2008


Pynocare40 Actisome product launching specifically for dermatologists…at Greenbelt3 My cinema…it was a lot of fun, excitement, contentment and a lot of learnings…

entrance hallway for the guests…there were some different celebrities handling on different beauty products..both topicals, mechanicals and they were all amazed that there is this new oral treatment for skin depigmentations, darks spots, melasma and other unwanted skin discolorations…

inside the actual area for the product presentations..where dermatologists, media, celebrities were a string quartet serenade them sweetly…

preparing ourselves for the guests to arrive…

lovely flowers for all of us…blue roses…which symbolically implied the color of Pynocare…

there the dermas…claiming prizes and surprises…

our hosts during that evening…celebrity couple Susie Entrata and husband Paolo …

with the entire team together with our country manager at the center Mr. Sachin Pagie, product manager (2nd from the right), Ms. Dulce Conception and product executive (1st from the right), Ms. Arriane Espiritu..

yeah! thumbs up! for great sales!



  1. thx for linking me here, ill link u up as well hav a great day

  2. hi … i already link with my blog. pls check it out. Nice Blog anyway … cogratulation

  3. Added ur link already.. Thanks for adding mine… Is that product really effective,, I’ve got lots of freckles .. because of the harsh sunlight here in Oz.. that’s why I’m hesitant to use anything because of the UV Rays here.. Anyway see u around

  4. got you linked!

    hmm..if i may ask..kasi my hubbie’s family has travel agency and on may something a group of dermatologists booked (about 150++ of them) for an asian cruise. baka lang your bosses will be there hehehe…kasi kasama kami ni hubbie dun eh he will escort the group and im tagging along.

  5. thanks sa pag add ven.. gi add na pud nko ni sa akong games na blog.. thanks.. tik tik b0om

    mao ni ang walay cbox no? lisud man gud mg teach pg dili nko makita.. ang style nko mg edit sa themes kay trial and error lng man gud.. hehe

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  7. hi sis, thanks for the link..i’m gonna link you up, too!

    happy friday!

  8. you’ve got a cool blog here…sure i’m gonna link you up right away..thanks a lot!

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